• Bark?
  • Tremble?
  • Jump Up?
  • Growl or bite?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Follow you around?
  • Have eating issues?
  • Lunge at other dogs?
  • Have housebreaking issues?
  • Refuse to come when called?
  • Race past you through doors?
  • Act up around dogs or people?
  • Have general or separation anxiety?
  • Create disruption to your home, life and neighbors?

The list of behaviors above are all symptoms found in dogs who, through daily interactions with their well-intended owners, have been accidentally assigned the decision-making position. Dogs can’t succeed or cope with being a decision-maker in our human world – a world it does not understand.  Have you ever noticed all canines around the world instantly understand each other’s language when put together regardless of breed, gender, history or age? Don’t you wish you understood what your dog is trying to convey and how to solve behavior problems easily?


It’s simple! I am an International Dog Behaviorist. In one consult with me, you and your dog can begin the best life you can have with each other. I have 100% success in solving non-medical behavior problems for many different animal species. Through in-home and Skype consultations worldwide, I offer clients and their animals’ high quality, customized consultations to get you the results you want and more. Quite simply, I designed Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ after the very method canines all over the world use with one another and it works! I take an in-depth look at your animal’s behavior and customize the kindest and most successful way forward for your unique animal. You will gain new skills for day-to-day life for your animals. When you learn to speak your dog’s language and understand their needs, you will give them a life of peace and your family will enjoy the best in your pet. Your dog will rest in your care when you are elected as decision-maker by your dog. You should see changes in your animal before the consult is over. Contact me to give yourself the very best life you can have with your dog and to give your dog the very best life it deserves with you!  Your dog will love you for it.

Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein