I have been practicing professionally with certifications since 2009 and I use only nature’s own design because it works! What I offer the world is so rare that I know of no one else in the world who can read animals and solve behavior issues as I can. I have the ability to immediately recognize and diagnose what is normal behavior and what is abnormal behavior in domesticated animals after a lifetime of field work done with wild and domestic animals. I offer profoundly rare insight that results in precise diagnosis’ and effective solutions that work with the canine psychology. It is my honor to customize a plan for your unique pet so that they can have the very best life possible. I developed ‘Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ which is based on the field work I have personally conducted on animal behavior. I even lived in a cabin to do wolfing daily for a summer in order to understand the perfect canine way. I will teach you 4 areas that canines use to establish status and security. When you use their own method you will see changes. Wild canines do not use bullying, gadgets, training treats or man’s ideas to live peacefully. I don’t either because I teach people the animal’s own way. One of the greatest joys about my job is seeing my clients develop better relationships with their animals and for their animals to be brought to peace for the first time since it left it’s mother. If you care about solving problem behavior and want answers for your animal, schedule a virtual or in-home, 4-hour session today! Your pet will love you for it.

photo of Beverly Morgan by Danelle Kamauoha