From age four, I spent all of my time observing and being with wild and domestic animals. I store a lifetime of videos of animal behavior in my mind like a well-organized DVD collection. Seeing so much raw animal behavior for so long gives me the ability to immediately recognize what is normal behavior and what is abnormal behavior in animals. Many people, even animal trainers, have never taken the time to observe animals that are free from any influence of people and therefore they don’t know what is normal or abnormal behavior. They can’t fix something they don’t understand. I do know and I do understand what animals actually are and how to give them the best life they can have. I have a profoundly unique and insightful understanding of what I observe in animal behavior. Last, I am able to read nervous systems of living beings and get the information this tells me. All combined, I offer a rare and accurate understanding. Naturally, after finding nothing in the world greater than what the animals themselves can teach us, I created ‘Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, to teach people how to get it right with animals using the perfect design found in nature, because animals are my friends. I hope you will allow me to share my insights and experience with you.

I entered a home where two dogs lived with their owners. One dog was terrified of the owner and the other dog wouldn’t leave the owners’ side.  After a thorough examination of the dogs, I couldn’t find the reason for their behavior with the owner. I read the nervous system of the owner and discovered that the owner’s nervous system was abnormal. While the average person wouldn’t notice anything different about the owner, I could see that the owner’s nervous system looked stiff, thick and dark which is similar in a living being that is experiencing severe anger. In seeing this, I realized the owner constantly looked angry to the dogs and thereby I cracked the case. It explained why one dog was terrified of the owner and the other dog, who was a herding breed, wouldn’t leave the owner’s side. The herding dog was constantly trying to manage the ‘angry’ owner the same way its instincts would cause it to manage misbehaving livestock. When I explained my findings and conclusion to the owner, I learned that the owner had advanced Parkinson Disease and had elected to have a brain surgery to stop the body from shaking (thereby explaining the abnormal nervous system I saw). It had medically modified the owner’s nervous system and resulted in a frightening-looking nervous system to the pet dogs. I taught the owner Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ as the way forward. I am the only one in the world that has the gifts necessary to have diagnosed this case correctly, or have known what the real cause was for both dogs’ behavior.

This case highlights and underlines why it is so important to stay as far away from traditional dog training methods as possible when evaluating canine behavior problems. In animal shelters, thousands of dogs die a year because of mis-diagnosed behavior by pet dog trainers who have no idea what behaviors actually mean or how to fix the behavior they don’t and can’t understand. If you care about solving problem behavior and want answers for your animal, do NOT trust your dog’s issues to anyone other than myself. Your dog will love you for it.