Beverly, with her first teacher; a cat named ‘Kitty’, who was formerly scared of people, and who gave Beverly a passing grade with her friendship.

I have been practicing professionally since 2009. I offer the world something so rare there is nothing like my services in the world, nor more accurate.
United Kingdom Advanced Certificate in Canine Communication 2009.
Applied Behavior Analysis, 2015.
Field work:
I am firmly convinced the time I have taken to observe animals in their natural, wild or feral state, utterly free from human contact, serves as the reference point for what normal behavior is. It is my foundation for diagnosing abnormal behavior in canines.
This is a list of field work I have done:
*Daily study of the Yellowstone National Park wolf packs with wolf experts, 2010.
* In 2010, I designed ‘Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, a method based on my field work done with wolves.
* In 2011, I LIVED inside a dog shelter for 2 weeks to fully observe and understand what behavior dogs exhibit in crisis and confinement as a part of a 4 month road trip across America to study canines. A TV documentary, ‘Bridging the Gap: The Beverly Morgan Story’, was made about this (see Press and TV for the link on the documentary).
* From age 4, I have observed and studied wild and domestic animal behavior. While other children were playing with one another, I was wandering free like the animals so that I could quietly observe and learn about them. Like a vast library, in my mind I store a lifetime of animal behavior and that collection of behavior allows me to I am to quickly discern what is normal behavior in animals and what is abnormal behavior in animals while I do consultations.
Special Talents:
* I have the special talent and ability to ‘read nervous systems’. It is so accurate that my findings have been verified by veterinarians and animal chiropractors 100% of the time.