Beverly, with her first teacher; a cat named ‘Kitty’, who was formerly scared of people, and who gave Beverly a passing grade with her friendship.

From age four, I spent all of my time observing and being with wild and domestic animals. I store a lifetime of animal behavior in my mind like a well-organized DVD collection. Seeing so much raw animal behavior for so long gives me the ability to immediately understand what is normal behavior and what is abnormal behavior in animals. Many people have never taken the time to observe animals that are free of any influence of people and therefore they don’t know what reference point they should have. In the modern world is that people have so little contact with animals who are free from any human influence that they don’t understand what animals are, therefore can’t help animals live the best life they can have. I have the ability to guide you and your animals to the behavior that is completely balanced, and can do so using the methods animals use with each other. From doing extensive field work over my entire life. I have a profoundly unique and insightful understanding of what I observe in animal behavior. Last, I am the only one in the world that can read nervous systems of living beings and get the information this tells me (findings have always been correct as verified by vets when medical).  All combined, I offer the world something so rare there is nothing like my services in the world, nor more accurate. What I bring to the world is well beyond any possible certification course.  Naturally, I developed ‘Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, a method I created for animals, because they are my friends.  

Formal Education:

2009 Advanced Certificate In Canine Communication, United Kingdom (JFIDL, RA)

2015 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Certified Therapist for children with autism (and has designed elements of ABA for canines).

I am the only one in the world who holds certifications in BOTH canine behavior and ABA for humans. I have designed how to use elements of ABA with animals.