I have been practicing professionally with certifications since 2009 and I use only nature’s own design because it works! What I offer the world is so rare that I know of no one else in the world who can read animals and solve behavior issues as I can. Schedule a 4 hour virtual or in-home session….your animal will love you for it!!

Formal education: United Kingdom Advanced Certificate in Canine Communication 2009.
Formal education: Applied Behavior Analysis, 2015.

In 2010, I created Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, a method based on many years of field work and formal education. Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, allows people to learn the way that animals use with one another rather than ideas people came up with. Using my method will help you have the very best life you can have with your pet, and your pet will have the very best life it can have with you. You will learn how to use the four areas animals need you to know in order to establish status and security and a custom plan for your individual pets will be created by me as every pet is unique.

Formerly a Veterinary Nurse for small and large animals.

Pet Nutrition expert.

Lifetime of Field work:
Like a vast library in my mind, I store a lifetime of field work of animal behaviors which gives me accuracy in discerning what is normal or abnormal behavior verses unwanted or wanted behavior in animals during private virtual or in-home consultations. I knew as a child that the behavior troubles experienced by domesticated animals are rarely, if ever, experienced by animals who are utterly free from human contact because I began studying animal behavior at age 4. As an adult I have continued doing field work on animal behavior. An example of this is a Television documentary made about my 4-month road trip across America where I lived in an animal shelter for 2 weeks to study animals in shelters in order to help them during and after re-homing. The documentary is called Bridging the Gap: The Beverly Morgan Story (on Vimeo). I can successfully crack and solve many ‘impossible’ non-medical behavior cases that most animal trainers fail at. I specialize in the psychological needs of re-homed animals.

Special Talents:
* My ‘super power’ is my ability to ‘read nervous systems’ with such 100% accuracy that my findings have been verified by veterinarians and animal chiropractors 100% of the time. Additionally, it allows me to see every single thing about that animal including their personality, temperament and this helps me when I design the way forward for your animal. You can rest in my care knowing that extra ability.

Beverly with her first teacher, ‘Kitty’, a feral and timid cat who gave Beverly a passing grade of trust and friendship because Beverly learned the way of the animal.