The 3-4 hour consultation will take place in your own home (travel expenses are paid by the client) or conveniently through Skype and WhatsApp worldwide (English only)! I work any day of the week and can book a consult at a time convenient for you, even in other time zones. You should allow 30 days to see the full effects of the customized plan I will make for your dog(s). I charge one flat fee sent through a bank wire or PayPal. I will send you an instructional document to keep for the future as an easy reminder to you. Should you like to purchase more time with me, it is purchased in 30-minute increments.

What this is NOT: This is not traditional dog training. Beverly does not recommend traditional dog training methods to anyone for many reasons.

Nervous System Reads (ALL species of animals can be read):

I need to see the animal through a few photos (side views standing up are best), or see the animal through video, Skype, WhatsApp or an in-home visit (travel expenses paid by the client). I request that you do NOT share anything with me about that animal. I charge by 30-minute increments. Payment can be sent by a bank wire transfer or PayPal. Note: If you choose a Problem Behavioral Consultation, a nervous system read is included as it helps me in the customization for your dog(s).

Pick what Nervous System Read you need:

1.     You find your match Nervous System Read.
2.      Beverly finds your match Nervous System Read.
3.      Informative Nervous System Read.

Three Examples of Nervous Systems Read Cases:
1. Beverly identified 2 vertebra’s that were damaged on a dog which was verified by a veterinarian.

2. A tall man leaned down then stood back up. I watched as terrible pain traveled from his brain down to his feet then back up to his left knee where it stopped. I verified with the man that he had a terrible knee problem after seeing this.

3. Two litter mate puppies were presented to me by a woman looking for a new pet. One of the two puppies had severe aggression tendencies. I advised the client not get the puppy with aggression but said the litter mate was a good match. The client did not get the aggressive tendency puppy but the breeder chose to keep the good match puppy. My client called me 6 months later to verify my findings saying that she had recently went to the breeder’s home and learned that the puppy with aggression in its nervous system had killed its litter mate when they were both only 4 months old.

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