DAILY, consider the needs of your animals. EVERY day! Beverly specializes in dogs, but she is brilliant with rabbits, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and birds.

Problem Behavior Solutions Consultation (MOST POPULAR!)

Does your dog bark, refuse to come, pull on the leash, have separation anxiety, housebreaking issues, aggression or act destructively? You will gain new skills for day-to-day life when I teach you my method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. Invest in yourself as an animal lover and your animals through education. This is the method animals use with each other. Once you understand your dog’s behaviour and why it is behaving like it does, I can show you how to become the decision-maker in your animals’ eyes and let it know that any undesirable behaviour is no longer acceptable. Your dog will begin to relax and control its own actions, which you should see before the Consultation is over.  I will customize a behavior plan for your dog(s) like only a one-of-a-kind animal savant can using Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. A Nervous System Read is included.

Puppy or Kitten Behavior Consultation

Puppies and kittens need to learn to become good citizens in your home and the world whatever their role will be. I will teach you my method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. Your new furry friend needs you to take over the areas important to them so they can rest in your care and avoid problem behavior found in animals who are assigned the decision-maker position. You will be using the most natural way possible for dogs and cats.  Learn about developmental stages, manners, feeding, walks, playtime and more. End destruction, biting, and house breaking issues.  I have observed many animals in wild and domestic environments and how they raise offspring. A Nervous System Read is included. I recommend a full ‘Nutrition Consult’ in Services additionally.

Nervous System Read

This is my SUPER POWER! I have a has the tremendous gift of being able to “read” the nervous system of ANY type of animals. When I look at ANY living being, I can’t NOT see the nervous system of that living being. An animal’s body tells their problems, life story, personality and more. I can use this to match people with animals or animals with other animals. For example, I have used this to select police dogs, service dogs and pets. Formulate a plan to improve life for your animals and understand them better through this unique insight. A Nervous System Read is included within ‘Behavior Consult’ in Services. See ‘Nutrition Consult’ in Services as this recommended for clients that have a Nervous System Read.

Animal Nutrition Consultation

Did you know that if you don’t provide your dog and cat a diet containing enzymes it will steal them from its own organs every day? Do you know how to feed your animal the way Mother Nature intended? I specialize in eliminating itching, skin issues, yeast/ear/bladder infections, failure to thrive issues, aging animals, inflammation, and designing allergy-free feeding and supplements for dogs, cats, horses, birds, fowl or rabbits. A Nervous System Read is required for greater customization for your animals. See ‘ Problem Behavior Consult’ in Services for help with behavior as this is not intended for solving behavior issues

Service Dog Assessment and Training

Are you in need of a prescribed Service dog or animal?  I have many years of experience in training service dogs. I will evaluate an animal you already have or help you find an animal that is your perfect match using her talent of reading nervous systems to ensure you have a working partnership.  Once an animal is paired with you, I can work with you to train your animal while you retain the animal in your care. Learning my method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, is required because using an animal’s own language ensures the greatest partnership and training results. See ‘Problem Behavior Consult’ in Services. A ‘Nutrition Consultation’ in Services is recommended.

Canine 101 For Kids

As future decision makers for the animals living in this world, it is important we teach children how to be good stewards of the animal kingdom. I offer age-appropriate education sessions in your home or classroom through Skype or a personal visit. Children are exceptionally good at my method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. Your child will learn to speak the language animals speak along with never-heard-before insights and tips on how to care for, feed and be a friend to animals safely. This class is perfect for children who show interest in dog-walking, pet-sitting or having a profession with animals someday. Invest in your child and cultivate children becoming good citizens of the world through caring and respecting animals. You get to customize the topics based on the animals you have and your goals.

Local service only: Is it you your child’s or your dog’s birthday? Celebrate and make the world a better place through an in-home consultation with Beverly. She will teach your child in a fun and interesting way how to make animals happy! Make the day enjoyable by learning Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ or having Beverly do a nervous system read on your animals. Catering food for dogs with a decorative table display is available.


Bring me to your area for a group training experience. I have an enjoyable, humorous way as I teach groups. My lifetime of international field with animals coupled with my formal education and unique insights are fascinating to attendees. I have 100% success in cracking even the most difficult animal behavior cases which I will share with you. You will gain new skills for day-to-day life, learn how to interpret animal behavior correctly and what solutions to apply to problem behavior. Learn my method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. Invest in yourself as an animal lover and your animals through education. You will understand how animals communicate with each other and how your actions are interpreted by animals. Invest in yourself and animals through education. I guarantee that you will never view animals the same again. Customized workshops available. See also ‘Speaking Engagement’ in Services.

Speaking Engagement

Bring me to your area for a fascinating talk. You are sure enjoy and learn from the animal behavior cases and wealth of knowledge I share whenever I teach. I speak about topics in such a humorous and interesting way that past attendees often ask for more lectures and say that they could listen to me speak forever.  You will hear my unique insights as I share my one-of-a-kind ability to de-code and evaluate animals and their behavior. Animal professionals and pet owners will gain new, never-heard-before skills for everyday life with animals. I guarantee that attendees will never view animals the same again. See also ‘Workshops’ in Services.

Rescue Donation Consult

GIVE A CONSULT – SAVE A LIFE! What I teach brings return rates of dogs to shelters down to 3%. The best way you can give a shelter dog or rescue dog the best future possible is to educate people on how to get it right with dogs. Donate a Skype or in-home consultation with me. I will ensure the foster home and/or new owners have skills to give an animal the way forward. Animals need to understand who is in control. People will learn how to be the decision-maker in the areas important to animals. If animals are given the idea, even accidentally, that they are in charge, they will have problem behavior because they live in a human world, a world they can’t understand. 10% of the consult fee goes back to the shelter or rescue you designate.  See also ‘Nervous System Read’ in Services to help people determine if a dog is a good match for them and their current animals.

Beverly giving a presentation